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Pili Yarusi is a guest on Creative Real Estate Podcast

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AAA145 Scaling from a 3 unit to a 94 unit - Jason & Pili Yarusi

Nov 11, 201843 minutes

Jason & Pili are a husband and wife team living in New Jeresey. Jason has a construction backround and Pilli was a real estate agent experience. The two decided to team up and make some power couple moves!

Jason speaks on the construction company actually lifting homes up and off their foundation! If one can lift a house, they certainely can creatively invet in them as well.

The two started out in fix & flips and then moved over to duplexs and triplexs.

Most recently, they closed on a 94 unit multifamily property about 6 months ago.

Topics discussed:

  1. Multifamily Property
  2. Fix & Flips
  3. Synergy

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AAA24 Husband & Wife Team Dominating the Real Estate Game - Jason & Pili Yarusi

Jan 29, 201824 minutes

Real Estate Power Couple.

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