AAA298 "Buying Multifamily Properties at Steep Discounts" - Marco Kozlowski

Sep 19, 201938 minutes

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Strategies for making low offers
  • Results of making 100 offers per hour
  • How making a low offer with a high down payment gets results
  • How the value of the asset differs from the purchase price
  • How 15% cap rates are created, not found
  • How asset based loans don't require a lot of cash at the table
  • How to buy cheap, optimize the asset, refinance and pull out equity
  • How to build with smaller assets if you're starting from 0
  • The five Ds that motivate sellers to sell low
    • Divorce
    • Displacement
    • Debt
    • Death
    • Disease And so much more!

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