AAA297 "The One-Day Raise" - Bryan Ellis

Sep 16, 201937 minutes

In his podcast, you will learn:

  • What a one-day capital raise is
  • How to build a collection of leads that are highly relevant and push it to a one-day event
  • How to use psychology in capital raising
  • That when you control the money, you control the deal
  • How to raise money legally
  • The six-step process to raising all your money in just one day
  • High Quality Lead Generation
  • Driving those leads to a educational webinar
  • one-on-one qualification/disqualification call
  • Collect qualification documention
  • Live preview event
  • Invitation to participate Which steps you can mess up and still raise money About the radical shift from an investor to a capital-raiser And so much more!

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